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About us

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we sincerely wish you welcome to our internet platform.

We humans live in a technologically modern times. Of this technological achievement of our ancestors could not even dream of. This refers to technological achievements such as household electrical appliances, electronic equipment, machinery, cars, robots,Internet, television, phone and more.

At a push of a button, we receive water, air, cold, heat, food, clothing and much more. For example via the Internet or telephone we can send and receive text, voice, picture and video messages worldwide at breathtaking speed. With planes it is possible to fly in a few hours from one location to another place in the world. We are even able to leave the earth and fly to other planets such as flying to the moon.

These technological advances have been achieved in a relatively short time (In our century), when comparing to the fact that the earth has existed for millions of years.

These technological achievements, it is thanks to that people are now living on earth as in a fairytale castle.

But all this is only half the truth, and one side of the coin.

The prosperity, however, has changed the people of our time. Although the people now because of this technological achievements should have much more time for themselves and others and should be happier in their lives they have even less time than before and many people are
unhappy with their lives. The people themselves are now self a kind of machine/robot and day and night they are busy with production and consuming. Due to this trend, unfortunately, many of the people become inhuman and are colder to each other.

Previously people sacrificed their life for their and our our freedom and justice. The people of our time have this freedom and justice unfortunately lost again and become the slaves of the production and consumption of our time.

Many of our values like honor, morality, freedom, justice, etc. are lost. Everything is now reduced and measured only by material values. (like money, power, assets, …) As an example we can mention the countless wars that are conducted only on the basis of material interests and therefore the death of thousands of innocent people tacitly is accepted. All the media instruments are used to get people convinced of the necessity of this wars.

Everything in the world (like humans, animals, nature, technology, …) is in the service of the economic and subject to material interests.

Our goal is to awaken the people with this Internet platform.

We want to inform uncensored and without material concerns about the injustices in the world and to discuss with you about that. We want to encourage people again to stand up for human freedom and justice.

Let us work hand in hand for an equitable, free and human world without war, poverty, exploitation and with love and understanding.

Each person is unique in its essence. No machine/robot can be like a human. Every person is born free and nobody in the world has the right to take away that freedom.

Therefore we claim for universal justice and freedom for all our fellow human beings around the world.

In this sense, we wish a lot of fun on our internet platform.

As civilized people we are asking everyone to respect the laws in force in their country and for your quest for freedom and justice only to use peaceful tools like demonstrations, media (eg internet, papers, tv, radio, leaflets, …), petition, associations, political parties.