<!--:de-->Saudi-Arabien schickt Truppen an die Grenze zum Jemen<!--:--><!--:en-->Saudi Arabia sent troops to the Yemen border<!--:--><!--:tr-->Suudi Arabistan Jemen sınırına Asker gönderiyor<!--:-->

Saudi Arabia sent troops to the Yemen border

25 Mar, 2015

Because of the recent developments in Yemen Saudi Arabia has sent troops to the Yemen border. In Yemen Shiite Houthi rebels had seized control of the country.

Saudi Arabia is ruled by one of the cruelest and most backward dictator family. In Saudi Arabia, women have no rights at all. Women can’t go out alone of the house and driving is also prohibited. People are arbitrarily executed and tortured in the country. In addition, Saudi Arabia has military intervened a few years ago in Bahrain and killed many Shia civilians. Prince terrorist Osama Bin Laden is one of the famous member of the ruling family, which is also accused of financing terrorist organizations such as the ISIS. Despite these facts, many Western countries, including Germany, deliver most modern military equipment to this dubious country and maintain because of the oil wealth good relationships.

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