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Netanyahu against peace with Iran

04 Mar, 2015

Israeli Prime Minister yesterday held a speech for the US Congress without the consent of the US government and thus snubbed Obama.

Years of measures and hostilities (with proxy wars, sanctions, recriminations, attacks on innocent nuclear scientists, etc.) have helped so far no one and only brought misery and suffering for all. This has also been the reason why since last year several Western countries, considering Israel’s interest, try to find a solution with Iran together. Shortly before a promising agreement is possible, the Israeli Prime Minister trying to prevent this.

For years, Netanyahu has repeatedly claimed that Iran was about to acquire nuclear weapons, although Iran is controlled for decades by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The investigations have so far revealed that Iran has no nuclear weapons, nor Iran is planning to get them.

Israel, however, opposes a check by the Atomic Energy Agency. Furthermore, Israel violated UN resolutions and promoting the construction of illegal settlements even further.

Under these circumstances we should ask the question: Is Israel really interested in peace?

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