<!--:de-->Kinderpornographie: Edathy Verfahren eingestellt<!--:--><!--:en-->Child pornography: Edathy proceedings stopped<!--:--><!--:tr-->Çocuk pornografisi: Edathy davasi durduruldu<!--:-->

Child pornography: Edathy proceedings stopped

03 Mar, 2015

Sebastian Edathy was known as a persistent and uncomfortable member of the NSU Committee (focused on the elucidation of the strange executions of predominantly ethnic Turkish citizens in germany).

In this committee he wanted to clarify the role of the secret services and the related many failures like file exterminations, strange and sudden death of undercover agents, etc.

Surprisingly, it was known precisely at this time that Sebastian Edathy has raised a child pornography years ago. Within these allegations came out, that Edathy was informed early about the investigation illegally (eg by former President of BKA) and more than 50 politicians did know about this. This fact should be considered as obstruction of justice.

Surprisingly, the process has now been stopped for a payment of only 5,000 EUR. Edathy thus is not convicted and can look forward to the fact that his pensions are paid in the future. This is also true for the other people who had warned him before or were informed before about this.

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