<!--:de-->IS tötet betende Menschen in Moscheen<!--:--><!--:en-->İŞİD camilerde ibadet eden insanları öldürdü<!--:--><!--:tr-->IS kills praying people in mosques<!--:-->

IS kills praying people in mosques

22 Mar, 2015

In Yemen recently Shiite Houthi rebels have get control over the country. Since that time also the IS is active in the country and carried out attacks against Shiite citizens of this country.

In Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan Shiites and Christians are frequent target of the IS-fighters, because these are considered as Unbeliefs or apostates.

In the recent attacks more than 140 people have been killed.

Just recently, a former NATO General had confirmed in an interview, that IS is an American product to counter the influence of Iran in the region.

See http://friedensinitiative-nuernberg.de/en/nato-ex-general-is-ist-ein-amerikanisches-erzeugnis-um-den-iran-zu-vernichten/

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