<!--:de-->"Griechenland-Rettung”: Wem wurde in Wirklichkeit geholfen?<!--:--><!--:en-->"Greek bailout": Who was helped in reality?<!--:--><!--:tr-->"Yunanistan yardımları": Gerçekte kime yardım edildi?<!--:-->

“Greek bailout”: Who was helped in reality?

14 Mar, 2015

Since March 2010, the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have 206.9 billion euros for the so-called “Greek bailout” used in 23 installments. In detail there is not enough information about the mainly recipient of this public money. Attac Austria did an investigation about this and the result is that at least 77% of aid money can be directly or indirectly assigned to the financial sector ( http://www.attac.de/neuigkeiten/detailansicht/news/griechenland-rettung-77-prozent-flossen-in-finanzsektor/?no_cache=1&cHash=4b23d2b873e54968abb932ec7f8b41ef)

Prior to the “bank rescue” everywhere you could read a Greek is not possible and a dangerous situation for all countries in the Europe. But Greece is only a tiny part of Europe. After most of the bad loans and liabilities of banks and insurance companies were largely replaced by other european states in the media is reported that a Grexit (Greek exit from the euro zone) is now possible. Suddenly many politicians can now imagine this case, which was previously excluded categorically. Finally, now adhere to all EU citizens in this case and not the banks and insurance companies.

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