<!--:de-->Germanwings Maschine stürzt in Frankreich ab<!--:--><!--:en-->Germanwings airplane crashes in France<!--:--><!--:tr-->Germanwings uçağı Fransa’da düştü<!--:-->

Germanwings airplane crashes in France

25 Mar, 2015

An Airbus A320 of Lufthansa subsidiary German Wings crashed during a flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf in France as yet unexplained reasons. The aircraft was 24 years old and was taken out of the Lufthansa fleet and added to the fleet of the so-called low budget airline German Wings in 2014. In the downed aircraft also students from Germany, along with two teachers also died in this tragedy.
Although the cause of this tragedy is not yet clear, it should be noted that the so-called “avarice-is-cool” mentality in the long run can also be a reason in such tragedies.
Due to the cost pressure, many companies are forced to make savings.

At the end this may in case of airlines result in, either the fleet is outdated or due to the low price obsolete aircraft are used, less experienced or underpaid drivers are in use, etc.

This problem is valid for a wide range of areas.

Saving the costs sooner or later end up in reducing the quality.

If we want to eat cheap meat, the animals must suffer in factory farms.

If we want to buy cheap clothes, people around the world have to work under slave-like conditions for the pittance.

We humans are personally responsible for our actions. From a human perspective view, is this attitude correct and dignified?

Is the capital, profit maximization more important than human life?

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